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Introducing Our New Operations Strategist

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

NorthAvenue would like to present our new operations strategist, Jeff Theado. Jeff is a (mostly) central Ohio native and is currently still trying to find time to organize his new home in Blacklick with his wife, whom you might recognize, Kristen.

Jeff is a proven leader in helping institutions find ways to drive efficiency. Thinking he would like to get into coaching football, he graduated from Ohio State in 2008 with a degree is Sports Leadership but ended up working in warehouse management for the university for a few years before joining Fisher’s MBA program in 2013. Upon graduating in 2015 he went to work for a global manufacturing firm headquartered in central Ohio. After years of helping shape NorthAvenue’s strategy on morning walks and weekend sessions, it was decided that he should leave his corporate position and take on a more dedicated role that includes company strategy and day to day operations. In joining NorthAvenue officially, Jeff is excited to bring his expertise to a small, growing company after over a decade in public and private sectors.

Outside of work, Jeff tries to find time for just about everything, but his true passions are athletics and exploring. In addition to his love of team sports, he rides his bike annually in Pelotonia and completed the Ohio 70.3 Ironman in 2021, with his sights set on a full Ironman in 2022. When not training or traveling with Kristen, Jeff enjoys relaxing at home playing video games or reading.

Meet the newest member of our team!

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