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Important Tax Preparation Instructions

Tax season is upon us again, and we would like to remind you to begin gathering your tax documents as they to arrive in the mail or become available online. To make gathering these documents as easy as possible, we have prepared a personalized “Tax Documents Needed Checklist” for preparing your 2019 personal tax return. This checklist has been uploaded to your NorthAvenue Client Portal Vault.

To access your Vault, please visit our website at, click Client Center on the far right of the menu. Select NORTHAVENUE CLIENT PORTAL and enter in your login credentials.

Once you have navigated to your Vault, use the following folder path to locate your checklist: Shared Documents > Advisor Uploads. If you would like us to assist with Vault access or mail you a hard copy of this checklist, please reply to this email to let us know. We are happy to help. 

We would also like to encourage you to use the 2019 Tax Trackers if you have charitable donations, medical expenses, business income & expenses, and/or rental income & expenses in the 2019 tax year. These documents can also be located in your Vault using the following folder path:Shared Documents > Advisor Uploads > Taxes > 2019 > Trackers.

Once your documents are gathered, they can be uploaded to us securely through your NorthAvenue Client Portal Vault using the following folder path:Shared Documents > UPLOAD DOCUMENTS HERE.

Did you know? You can select multiple documents on your computer, and then drag them all at once, onto the browser screen of your Vault. This allows you to very quickly deliver all of your electronic tax documents at once to your NorthAvenue team, securely.

In addition to our electronic option, you are also able to send documents to us in the mail or drop them off at the office. We always enjoy visiting with you!

Lastly, we wanted to make you aware that our tax return preparation process is changing slightly in 2020. As usual, we will be preparing your tax return, after we have received all of the tax documents on your personalized checklist. Once your return is prepared, we will upload a draft version to your NorthAvenue Client Portal Vault. We will then send you an email summarizing your tax return and how it compares to your tax planner that we reviewed together in 2019. If you have no questions, we will send you a Form 8879 for your signature(s) so that we have your authorization to e-file your tax return. If you have questions, we will be happy to set up a phone call or in-person meeting to discuss them in more detail together.

We look forward to helping you this tax season!

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