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February Newsletter

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Tax Time Reminders

Please use your personalized “Tax Documents Needed Checklist” as a guide for gathering the necessary tax documents to prepare your 2018 tax return. This checklist has been uploaded to your client portal’s Vault (Advisor Uploads > Taxes > 2018 folder), or if requested, it was sent to you in the mail.

Tax documents can be uploaded to us securely through your client portal’s Vault or via the ShareFile link in each of our email signatures.

Important to note when using ShareFile: Please be sure to include your last name in the title of the documents that you send via ShareFile. Otherwise, we are unable to tell who sent the document to us.

In addition, you always have the option of sending documents to us in the mail or dropping them off at the office.


Student Shadowing

Last week, we had another face in our office. Liz is an eighth-grader, and she joined us to shadow Kristen for her school’s Career Day. We enjoyed hearing about Liz’s interests and her career aspirations. We shared about how we work with clients and hope that she found this peek into the financial planning world to be helpful and informative.


Martina had a great day volunteering at Junior Achievement of Central Ohio BizTown on Friday 2/8. This is a remarkable simulation program where elementary school children get to play the roles as citizens, workers, and consumers in the community of BizTown, which mimics a real town. The kids also receive a check book and learned how to deposit and record the balances after making purchases. Every kid worked hard to fulfill their responsibilities in their pre-assigned job. Thanks to Junior Achievement for offering such a valuable educational experience!

FPA & a Decade of Membership

Last week, Kristen, Chandler, Martina, and T.J. attended the monthly meeting of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) Central Ohio Chapter. Matthew Stadelman, CFA, of Diamond Hill Capital Management presented a summary of the factors behind last year’s 20% peak-to-trough market drawdown, mostly in the fourth quarter. He pointed to three main influencers of this downturn: (1) hikes to the federal funds rate, which increased interest rates; (2) slowing global growth, especially in China; and (3) tensions surrounding trade, particularly tariffs. But, 2019 has been a good year for the market so far, with the Russell 2000 returning 10.3% in the month of January. Stadelman attributed this to the Federal Reserve softening their rhetoric on raising rates and better-than-expected corporate earnings announcements.

In milestone news, Kristen and Martina are both celebrating 10 years of FPA membership. They are both past presidents of the chapter as well. Congratulations!


Valentine's Day

We hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day celebrating with all of the people you love!  We asked everyone in our office what their favorite Romantic Comedies were and it made us want to grab a bowl of popcorn and have a fun night in! Are any of your favorites the same? 

Kristen - Crazy Stupid Love Chandler - My Big Fat Greek Wedding Kendyl - The Wedding Planner T.J. - The Princess Bride Martina - Roman Holiday Bobbie - Love Actually

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