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Client Portal Update

Client Portal Update

As of today, June 25th, our portal software is updating the way investments are defined on your Client Portal.

It's important to note that these changes may cause a change in the value shown on the Investments tile on the home page. Check out this guide or keep reading below for more information. 

The following type of accounts and assets will be included under Investments with this update: 

•    Taxable

•    Qualified Retirement

•    Roth IRA

•    HSA

•    529

•    Annuities

•    Deferred Compensation

•    Cash (New to Client Portal Investments Tile) 

•    Stock Options (New to Client Portal Investments Tile) 

•    Life Insurance Cash Values (New to Client Portal Investments Tile)

•    Out of Estate Assets (New to Client Portal Investments Tile)

In addition, new categories will be added to the Accounts tile for Taxable and Tax-Advantaged accounts. 

This update may create a spike in your History as it may add balances for accounts that have not been previously included. If your Portal History is affected, please let us know and we can take steps to have this update include the added accounts to your account history over the life of your portal to remove the sudden increase in investments. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about this change.

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