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News From Your Financial Quaran-Team

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Along with you, we have been adjusting to our new temporary normal. Many Americans are facing hardship right now, including some of our clients, and we have been working hard to help our clients weather this storm and keep you informed of the financial relief avenues that are being made available.

Over the past month, we have all been inundated with news about COVID-19, but to by no means trivialize the seriousness of this situation, we thought that a break from the corona-news cycle would be a welcome change in your inboxes. Since we started working from home 4 weeks ago, we have been missing seeing each other in the office every day and meeting in person with our clients. If you're interested in what else we've been up to, to get through this isolation period, read on!

We have a standing Monday morning team meeting, and we have continued this practice remotely, Zoom-style.  Most of the gang is pictured above, from our latest meeting, and we are sending positivity and well wishes to you and your loved ones as we get through these surreal times.


Kristen and her husband, Jeff, spent the morning of Easter Sunday delivering cupcakes to both sets of parents. Kristen's friend owns a cupcake shop, Boozy Bakes, and Easter morning felt like a great time to support a small business and bring smiles with colorful treats to family. The rest of the team remembers when she brought these cupcakes into the office to share last year - yum! She and her

husband enjoyed visiting with her parents, while social distancing on their porch, outside among the spring blooms.

We are also excited to share that Kristen was featured in The Women's Fund of Central Ohio's Winter 2020 Impact Report, where she shared her insights on why wealth building is so vital for women in the path toward social and economic equality. Read on to check out her advice on important steps to take when navigating toward financial wellness.

NorthAvenue is a proud supporter of The Women's Fund and their work to close the gender (and racial) wealth gap. We always make it a point to participate in their Keyholder fundraising event. It was supposed to be held in May, but we look forward to attending as a team when it is rescheduled.


Chandler has mostly been enjoying the opportunity to spend time with her sister, Payton. Payton has spent the last few years traveling and took a well-timed break at the end of 2019, which has now been extended. She has been a welcome addition to the quarantine crew at Chandler's house. Chandler brought home the high-speed scanner from the office, and Payton has been helping out

NorthAvenue with scanning client documents during tax time.

Over the past few weeks, we have celebrated Payton's birthday, sent video clips of Broadway tunes to friends and family to brighten their day, and we (including Chandler's fiancé, Eric) try to do a little backyard yoga when the sun is out. When not (wo)manning the office scanner, Payton churns out delicious dairy-free treats, which Chandler and Eric eat much too quickly.


T.J. clearly wins 'Best Photo'. He, known to the kingdom as Sir Grinchfoot, and his kids, Cece and James, made and decorated shields out of cardboard. Protected by their armor, they go into the basement almost every day and wage epic battles with pool noodles.


Anne decided that quarantining with her parents in Cincinnati would be much more pleasant than solo-self-isolation in Columbus. It's hard to play board games with one person! She was able to spend the Easter holiday with her parents, and she snapped a few photos of making Easter dinner and a beautiful lemon cake with her mom.


Martina has been giving her kids, Anna and Ian, a few cooking lessons. Now, the rest of us are wishing that we lived with Martina too! They've made steam buns, beef pies, and veggie pies from scratch. It's the perfect comfort food.


We hope to see you soon. Until then, stay home, and stay well!

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